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Museo Guggenheim, Helsinky 2014

The concept stems from a flower. The idea was driven by the blossom flower which
meanings sense of hospitality. In the design, petals have led the definition of three
towers characterizing element of the project proposal.
The entrance is from north, where the square is characterized by bodies of waters,
paved and lawn parts that marks all the museum.
The glass hall that crosses all the museum is interrupted by the volume‐pavilions
and create attractive areas where is possible to expose works or visitors can have a
The museum is a landmark in the waterfront, particularly evident in the night with
rays of light which coming from the tower‐pavilions and mark the night skyline of
Helsinki. The light led the project covering a starring role, entering in the building
always in different ways. Cross sections of light characterize both the towerspavilions
and other halls on the ground floor.

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